Pie Plate, Large Fluted Deep Dish

My deep dish, fluted pie plates are approximately 10 inches in diameter. They vary a little in size because they are all individually hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel. Ceramic pie plates have an advantage over glass or tin plates since it stays hot longer. I make the base of the pie plate thick, so the bottom of your pie keeps baking after you remove it from the oven, helping to solve the “doughy bottom crust” problem. I think brightly colored stoneware looks better (especially with a home-made cherry pie in it). My pie plates are also glazed, allowing you to use dish-soap and water to scrub it clean for the next use.

These beautiful pie plates will also look great on your table serving a quiche or casserole.

The pictures represent color categories so the pie plates will vary some in shape and coloration because they are individually made. All J Fetzer Stoneware is microwave safe, oven safe (if gradually heated and cooled), lead free for food safety, and dishwasher safe.

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