Barn Parties

What is a Barn Party?       

A JFetzer Pottery Barn Party is a unique event. We provide a portable outdoor kiln and white earthenware pots ready for you to inscribe with your sweet horse’s information. It is a time to enjoy friends and purchase unique gifts for yourself or loved ones. Memorial pots with your horse’s hair are much-loved.

You provide your horse’s hair. You will order and pay for the horse hair pot or other horse hair item @ Your order must be placed 14 days prior to your host/hostess’ Barn Party. You can purchase functional pottery online and it will be delivered to you the day of the party saving you shipping & handling fees. JFetzer Pottery will also be available for purchase the day of the Barn Party.         

Contact Jim @ to schedule your event. Host/hostess instructions are available upon request.

Minimum Presale of Horse Hair Items qualify for a Barn Party is $1000 (no more than 100 miles). []Free Mileage up to and including 200 miles (one way from J Fetzer Pottery) with $2000 presale orders.

Distances greater than 200 miles will incur fees to cover travel. Call Jim Fetzer @ 419-651-0929 for a quote.